MiaoMiao is one of the best ways to turn your Freestyle Libre Sensors into full CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring ). This is a short presentation and review of this little device which is absolutely fascinating.


DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional; all the information on this website is based on my personal experience from living with t1d. Always contact a medical professional when making treatment decisions.

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MiaoMiao is a small add on that basically adds a bluetooth connection to your Libre and can push your glucose readings through to your smartphone. Similarly to a classic CGM this allows you to get updates on your glucose levels automatically every 5 minutes; which means by using an app you can set up alarms for highs and lows; so you can catch your hypos before they even happen! It is also particularly very powerful for parents of children with T1D because these readings can be shared online and followed throughout the day or night by the parent's phone as well!


The device can be used with SPIKE on Apple IOS and Xdrip+ or GLIMP on Android. These apps work with a wide range of bluetooth smartphones. Inside these applications you can connect the MiaoMiao and set up alarms for any ranges and times you want; you can add your insulin and carbs intake, as well as get graphs and average Hba1C predictions.

You will get readings for as long as you are in your phone's bluetooth range and if you leave and come back you will still get these as it automatically reconnects and fills in the gaps . Also you can keep track of your sugars even while bathing or swimming as the device is waterproof with a IP67 class.

As a bonus for those of you in the US the apps will allow you to use the sensor to its full capacity of 14 days and some few hours extra on top of that ! As the sensors are the same as everywhere else and the block is in the Libre reader or app this will make all those sensors work to their full potential saving you money!

*update note : MiaoMiao has released the TOMATO app which is now in beta and works with the MiaoMiao details here: http://tomato.cool/


Straight up from the box you will find the reader, a charging usb cable and it also comes with a 24 pack of double-sided strong adhesive stickers that attach the reader to your body and to the libre sensor.
It comes with no instructions because it is fairly straightforward, however they do have an instructional video available on > YouTube < . All you really need to do is charge it and then connect it to your phone by following the steps inside the application of choice rather than your phone's bluetooth.

The stickers are super useful however I strongly recommend using Tegaderm or some other type of extra attaching power to keep it in place as its really important that there is no space between the reader and the libre as otherwise you will stop getting readings. I found it really helps to have a flat area on your arm to position this on in order to make sure it doesn't slightly move ... you might have to experiment with this...

MiaoMiao sell extra stickers and a 3D printed holderband on their website but these are also available at various other retailers online.


The battery is phenomenal, I charged it first thing out of the box and than I had it working perfectly for a little over a month and I didnt even let it go completely I charged it while at 10% to make sure I do not run out at a bad time.

I was able to peel away a bit of the Tegaderm and charge it on me; using a powerbank battery; however if you are not testing how long this lasts and you charge it in between libre changes you will have nothing to worry about at all; which is great !

Also unlike other systems you will get an update on how much is left of your battery every 10% .


This may seem a bit pricey but it is significantly cheaper than the upfront cost of other cgm systems such as dexcom or medtronic. As of today the device plus International shipping costs £124 GBP/ 154$ USD and can be found on MiaoMiao website.

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The product is made by HighHigh Brilliant branded as a healthcare technology company and it has a 1 year warranty.

*UPDATE NOTE : currently the MiaoMiao device does not work with USA Libre 14 day sensors (10 days sensors work and can be used for 14 days instead) or the Libre 2 sensors in Germany .

Overall I personally had an amazing experience with this product and I would totally recommend this to anyone using the Freestyle Libre because it really makes a huge difference in your day to day blood glucose management.

Also check out my YouTube Channel for an unboxing video and first impressions coming soon !