Winter holiday edition of upcycling your diabetes supplies in festive decorations was loved by many so I decided to write another post on more sparkly ways to celebrate our diabetes! For all the libre lovers out there this is yet another way of turning your sensors into something really special !

//freestyle libre sensors reborn !


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If you use the libre sensors you can turn them into beautiful earrings or shiny pins !


// libre sensors

// small stud earrings

or //shiny pin

// unisolve or zoff swipes ( you can get them at amazon here >> )


//step 1 : get the sensor clean; peel the sticky tape and rub off the glue with a solvent wipe

//step 2 : get an earring or pin and use it to push through the sensor stick part of the libre

// remove the sensor strip and core bit of the sensor so that you are left with a big hole in the middle

PS: save the little bits you remove so we can use them for a different project later !

//step 3 : put the earring or pin through the hole in the sensor

//step 4 ( optional) : secure the earring or pin with a touch of glue if you are sure you do not want to reuse the sensors with different shiny pins or earring types

//step 5 (optional ) add glue and glitter to the white part of the sensor for some extra oomph !

//step 6 : wear them proudly !

And just in case you do not use the libre sensors don't worry I have another jewelry project coming up soon using those pretty insulin vials! >> here <<!

Also If you have any pair of used sensors from dexcom or medtronic I am happy to have a go at making some jewelry if you can send them to me ! Challenge accepted!

//some more pictures of the earrings I made !

I hope you enjoyed making these and you are ready to celebrate !!! tag me in your glamourous posts @diabetesis_ on Instagram >> here << or Facebook >> here <<

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