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Hypos are usually treated with 15g of FAST acting carbs; ideally glucose (this will stop some of your hypos symptoms faster and often stop you from overeating which is quite a challenge if you get extremely hungry!) This post will give you some examples of great hypo treats as options to make diabetes more bearable <3 ... for more info hypoglycaemia check out my hypos 101 basics post >> here << .

You can purchase the hypo-pot above by clicking > here < also scroll down for links to delicious filler treats.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional; all the information on this website is based on my personal experience from living with t1d. Always contact a medical professional when making treatment decisions.

DISCLOSURE: this blog post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I will receive a small commission. I will never recommend a product or service I do not believe in.


All of these can be purchased in most UK pharmacies as well as online ( scroll down for purchase links)

· Glucose Juice - one shot = 60ml- exactly 15g CH- my absolute favourite by far <3

· Glucose tabs (4 tablets) - can be difficult to swallow and taste awful but most effective.

· Dextrose tabs (4 tablets) -also can be difficult to swallow and tastes awful.

· Glucose gel (1.5 tube) - ideal for people with gastroparesis because of the absorption but test while not low first as it can cause nausea due to extremely sticky consistency (caused me personally to gag and throw up which is not good while you are low)Can also be offered free of charge on prescription in the UK.

· Lucozade - energy drink that can be mostly found in the UK contains glucose -different types will vary in glucose content and recently affected by the 'sugar tax' so make sure you double check the label (also don't use on a midnight low as you won't be able to go back to sleep).


Other good emergency treatments (with what you most likely have around)

· Regular soda - about half a cup -always check label for exact carb amount ( also try mini coke cans)

· Fruit Juice on average half a cup -always check label for exact carb amount.

· Sugar around 4 teaspoons -best if mixed in water for faster absorption and ease to swallow.


I also massively recommend that you get a HYPO-POT made by @organising.chaos !

You can use it to store and carry some wonderful hypo/ low treats alternatives; particularly if you have a CGM you can use these sweets to treat a slow trending low before it turns into a hypo with a smaller dose.

· Jelly babies ~ 5g of carbs each - great choice if you like them can buy in bulk

· M&Ms ~ 1g of carbs each- may melt in summer times.

· Skittles ~ 1g of carbs each taste the rainbow but watch out for the sun.

· Fruit Pastilles ~ 3g of carbs each - terrible name but otherwise good.

· Jelly Beans ~ 1g of carbs each- very many flavors !

Key feature of the sweets above is that they all contain a large amount of glucose syrup. Always double check labels on packaging for exact carb amounts as above values are only meant to be orientative.