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Everything you need to know about the Freestyle Libre 2* . The 2nd generation Libre sensors now are a step closer to a full CGM by providing alarms in a new experience while in the exact same package and price ! Continue reading for a full comprehensive review on all the new features and differences from the first generation libre. If you prefer watching a video review you can also check out my YouTube video on Freestyle Libre 2 by clicking here or at the end of this article !

// *freestyle libre 2 currently only available in Germany

I had the opportunity to purchase and try the 2nd generation Freestyle Libre 2 system and wanted to share here everything I learned through my experience and research on this flash glucose monitoring device.

Just in case you are not familiar with original Freestyle Libre Device you can quickly check more information on Libre 1 from Abbott >> here <<

The new freestyle libre 2 takes us one step closer to a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) by introducing alarms and a 'low energy' bluetooth connection on top of existing NFC; between the sensor and the Libre 2 Reader.


The new sensors have been introduced in Germany in November last year but were until recently only available on prescription. Starting February 2019 you can also purchase them through their website if you have a German delivery address.

It is expected that the FreeStyle Libre 2 system will be next available throughout Europe followed by other countries in the future; however there are no release dates for either as of yet from Abbott.

The price of the new system, inclusive of the additional features; at its release in Germany remained the same and it should remain the same as the original FreeStyle Libre for following countries. ( eg. UK cost is is currently ~ 48£ for 1st gen libre sensors)

If you want to learn how to transform your FreeStyle Libre 1 sensors into a full CGM with alarms on your phone see my blogpost on >>> LIBRE AS CGM <<< .


Unboxing of the sensor quickly reveals the all too familiar two piece applicator and exactly the same instructions as you found in previous versions of the sensor. The process as well as the sensor are 100% the same except the added bluetooth in the internal part of the sensor which you won't be able to see.

The Libre sensor lifetime is the same 14-days as the previous sensors in Europe.


According to Abbott the new sensors should have better accuracy particularly when comparing the first days of use; my understanding was that this change is based on the use of a new algorithm based on new clinical studies and if my understanding is correct )the difference in the way the sensors are individually calibrated in factory unlike their predecessors which were calibrated in batches.

In my personal experience over the last 2 weeks I found the sensor to be very accurate in normal range and generally keeping up very well with high and low blood sugars also. The only major differences to fingersticks I found were while sugars where changing rapidly as its to be expected. Although not a fair comparison (by my experience of two weeks on Libre 2 versus three years on Libre 1 ) I found this particular sensor to be significantly more accurate than the first generation libre but I cannot say for sure if this will be true on a consistent basis.

For more information and the full report from Abbott on accuracy as well as comparisons to Medtronic Enlite and Dexcom see >> https://freestyle.de/fileadmin/epaper/AccuracyFreeStyleLibre/index.html#14