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I know I started writing this blog-post mid-late summer but hey better late than never! There's a few things that I actually wanted to test before putting any information out there but also honestly because it actually took me most summer to figure out which 3 items were the best ( whoops) .


Actually 2 FRIO bags ! ; and no its really not a sponsored post , its because they are amazing and you need them in two sizes; one for everyday use and one for that beach holiday you waited all year for.

Keeping insulin at safe temperatures is super important and has a huge impact on your management so I cannot praise these enough ! They have proven quite useful and I just don't know how I missed out on these for so long. They work seamlessly using crystal beads that absorb water and keep moist and cool for a couple of days ; what they call the Individual Size actually fits 2 pens (my novorapid and lantus) and the Large bag fits everything I need to take away with me for a week or two of travel. ( 3 lantus pens/ 3 novorapid vials + glucagon) .

When it comes to travelling they are especially useful as most hotel rooms have mini-fridges which turn off during the day if your electricity card is not in the room ..and other travel bags I used in the past need refrigeration to continue working, most actually would need you to put something in a freezer. Any place you can find some cold water to give them a 'swim' they recharge and are ready to go in minutes !

The prices are different based on size and colour I have 2 plain black ones for 16£ -'Individual' and 18£ 'Large' you can buy them on amazon direct links always in pink over here ;). Also if you are from the UK and bought them from Amazon you can file a VAT exemption declaration form to get some of that money back you can download the form here <.

You should also be able to find a detailed review of them with pros and cons soon in one of my YouTube videos .


I wont go into details on which product I use as you should ask your pharmacist or your doctors

which ones are best for you and which dosages you should take but I really think its worth carrying these with you, I have a small dust packet which needs to be mixed in a glass of water and its really amazing. It has electrolytes salt, potassium and a small amount of glucose I need to bolus for most times but will be different based on brand and amount recommended for you.

The reason I think these are super important in the summer is because we are susceptible to getting dehydrated easily and heat can be crazy sometimes but also vomiting and travel diarrhoea while on sunny holidays is very common and a quick aid before you are able to get medical attention is super important. Also just remember while chilling on the beach, drink lots of water !


..... because unprotected Libre in the sun and sea below ...

Being a CGM system user (FreestyleLibre +MiaoMiao) I know I can sometimes in cool days get away with just having them with their under stickers and have no problems whatsoever... but when it comes to hot days .... no amounts of Tegaderm or other sticky bands seem to suffice! I use lots of these and keep finding myself adding more! Only be careful to not get a burn !

They are also super useful while on beach or pool holidays as any cut or graze or other sensitive skin patch can be covered and waterproofed (especially Oppsite )so that you can avoid infections.