I wanted to make a list with all the different tools and kits I am using at this point to manage my diabetes as I did not really go through this in the about me section. This is just a basic enumeration to give you an insight into my life with T1D and I am not going to take you through most of these in detail now but later on if you will follow in my future videos, insta posts and blogs; for now will add some hyperlinks to each of these if you do not know what they are and what to find out straight away. I am aware these will change and I will keep you up to date to all the tech and gadgets that come my way.

I realised I use a lot of stuff ! I have to say that I am so greatful for all these tools and more that I used in the past and probably forgot about as they keep me alive and make my life so much better! Essential in my diabetes journey and many of the things I am excited to tell you all about in my videos!


  • Novorapid Penfill - NovoPen5 grey (1:5 ratio)

  • Lantus Solostar - Disposable Pens (28 units at 11 PM)

  • BD 5mm needles for both

  • 2 xFrio Bags - 1 large for travel and 1 individual size which fits both my daily pens.

  • Yellow Sharps Bins

  • BD Needle Cutter


Continuous glucose monitoring system includes:

  • Freestyle Libre Sensor + MiaoMiao Smart Reader

  • Iphone X + Apple Watch 3 Series

  • Software : Freestyle Libre Link + Spike + Diabetes M

Blood testing kit:

  • Meter : Freestyle Optimum Neo

  • Tests: Freestyle Optimum Glucose / Ketone Strips

  • Lancing Device: Accu-Check FastClix ( best finger-pricker ever) - favourite spot left little finger left side


  • GlucoJuice Shots ( I love these I buy them in bulk )

  • Glucagon Injection ( never used this one yet )


Mostly backup things that I rarely use anymore:

  • Tegaderm/FlexiOppsite (I use loads of it actually )

  • Blucon Ambrosia Nightrider first generation ( used for 6 months before the MiaoMiao now as a backup)

  • Freestyle Libre Reader ( I rarely use it now as my battery no longer lasts very long )

  • Freestyle Optimum Meter + Pricker (Back up used a couple times)

  • MySugr ( loved this app but didnt use it since upgrade ignores my cgm readings)

  • Carbs and Cals (I dont use it as much as I used to)

  • Electronic scale (I actually use this a lot)and ask google mini all about the carbs )

  • Paper Diabetes Diaries - never liked them much

  • Insulin Syringes ..( used once )..

  • 8mm needles ..(rarely use them)

  • Lucozade (always hated the taste but did the job well ..still have some leftover bottles ...)

  • GlucoGel ( I tried it once and vomited ... I still keep it around but don't think Ill ever use it again ..)

  • Metformin (leftover pills I used to take for a short period )

  • Urine Cups (for the many doctor ketone and protein trace checkups)

  • Last but not least STICKERS !!

Soo many things ... ! Do you also use any of these ? Do you think I missed something that I should have ASAP? let me know on my facebook and instagram comments !